Chapter 2: Is There a God?

Text: The Reason Why Faith Makes Sense by Mark Mittelberg, Tyndale House, Carol Stream IL, 2011. ISBN 978-1-4143-1581-2

After viewing the video A Short Course in Apologetics 2, please read Chapter 2 of the text, Is There a God? and give short answers to the following questions:

  1. What bias does the author contend is at the heart of so much recent “skeptical literature and opinion?” (p. 8)
  2. What is the field of exploration that is used to support such a bias?
  3. What is the philosophical term (two words) that Einstein cited to support the idea of the universe as having a beginning?
  4. What are the five independent lines of evidence that Jastrow cites to support the idea of the sudden creation of the universe?
  5. What religious term does the author use to describe such an event? (p. 15)
  6. What is the second argument the author cites to support the idea of God as Creator?
  7. What stunning phrase does physicist Paul Davies use when describing the way the universe appears to be unusually welcoming to the presence of life? (p. 19)
  8. Which of the four forces in nature does the author discuss as an example of the apparent careful ordering of the universe, through its fixed “laws and constants?”
  9. If Einstein saw an intelligence behind the ordering of the physical world, what world did former atheist Dr. Antony Flew contend also possessed such a Designer’s touch?
  10. What are the four additional lines of evidence the author cites beginning on page 24 that point to a Creator God?
  11. What is the reason the author cites on page 28 that many people refuse to acknowledge God?