The uSeminary Prior Learning Credit (PLC) Program

Through a special arrangement with Trevecca University’s Center for Worship, uSeminary students who successfully complete three preapproved courses (which will be identified by a red PLC logo) are eligible for one college credit from Trevecca University. Specialty certificates will be treated on a case-by-case basis in terms of the number of PLCs awarded.

uSeminary PLCs are designed for students who want to apply the knowledge they’ve gained from uSeminary courses toward an actual college degree. All uSeminary courses eligible for PLCs will be based on a book, reference work, lecture series, or previously offered college course. PLC courses will feature a minimum of 20 lessons or classes and include at least four electronically graded multiple-choice progression quizzes. Students must score 80% or above on each quiz before they can continue to the next section of the course.

The Trevecca University Center for Worship will design and email a certificate of completion to uSeminary students who successfully complete PLC approved courses. They will also provide instructions for registering as a student at Trevecca, information about continuing toward a Bachelor of Arts degree, and other pertinent educational details.

About Trevecca University's Center for Worship

The Center for Worship is shaping the next generation of worship leaders, walking alongside students as they develop informed minds, passionate hearts, and engaged hands to fulfill the call of God. The worship major provides students with curricula from the Department of Worship, Department of Music, and the Millard Reed School of Theology and Christian Ministry. The Trevecca University’s Center for Worship is directed by Dr. Sam Green. For more information about the Center for Worship, please contact Dr. Green at

The Center for Worship is honored to partner with uSeminary in providing Prior Learning Credits for students who complete approved coursework and enroll in a program of study at Trevecca University.
                  Sam Green, Ed.D., Director, Center for Worship

Coming in 2021 …
Worship in the Old and New Testaments

This course, from renowned worship scholar Vernon M. Whaley, provides an understanding of the practices of worship in the Old and New Testaments. It includes studies of the Tabernacle and temple as models for worship, worship by the prophets, Jesus and early Christians, worship in heaven, and Trinitarian worship. All video lectures and support materials are included with the course.

Vernon M. Whaley (Ph.D. University of Oklahoma; DWS Liberty University; DMin Luther Rice Seminary) is Associate Vice President of Program Development for Music and Worship Arts at Trevecca University in Nashville, Tn. He served for 15 years as Dean of the School of Music and Director of the Center for Worship at Liberty University in Lynchburg VA. He is author of several books including: The Way of Worship, Called to Worship, The Great Commission to Worship, Worship and Witness, Worship through the Ages, The Dynamics of Corporate Worship, and Exalt His Name (Book 1 & 2).