Class 8 “Experience”

“Each of us was created by God for relationship with Him, but we can only enjoy that relationship by God’s grace. God’s great love for us, demonstrated in Christ Jesus, initiates our response. The only reasonable and adequate response is our expression of worship. And as we worship, God has promised to be present. We can always experience God in worship!”

Let’s begin to connect with this class by considering the following questions:
• Which of the revelations of God’s presence has made the biggest impact on you personally?
• To which of the Old Testament encounters with God’s presence that we’ve discussed could you best relate? Why do you think that is?
• Which elements of worship do you include as a part of your regular worship lifestyle? Which is most important to you?
• How would you describe the expectation factor in worship? How does expectation affect you personally from week to week?
• If you feel comfortable doing so, share your personal declaration of faith from the last class with someone. Encourage one another to live such a life of faith in worship!

Watch and listen as Mike sets the stage for our study on worship by explaining how we can “Experience” God in worship.

Engage by reflecting on the following questions from the Word of God and Mike’s message:
• Mike describes the difference between a worship experience and experiencing God in worship. What has this contrast looked like in your own life?
• Mike mentions three marks of a person who is living a lifestyle of worship: obedience, testimony, and humility. Which of those three do you most desire to see evidenced in your own life and why?
• Can you think of a story like the car in the department store incident that made such a big impression on you that you are still telling it? Is there a God story that has grown out of your worship lifestyle?

Thank You, Lord Jesus, that You have come into my life and made it possible for me to honor You with my worship and service. I know that every time I lift my voice and my life in worship, You are enthroned in my praise. I want to know You more and see You at work in every part of my life, Lord. May we all continue to experience You in worship in the coming days so that You might be glorified! Amen.

Think about any terms or concepts that are new to you for this class.
• When we experience God in worship, we are empowered to serve Him— and worship Him more. Experiencing God in worship requires time and sacrifice.
• Experiencing God in worship requires us to trust and obey and keep our focus on Jesus.
• God shows up when His people lose themselves in worship!
• Our worship invites God’s presence; His presence brings increased revelation; and we respond with never-ending worship.