Practical Tools for Sharing Your Faith (Course 3)

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Course 3 Introduction 

Welcome to the ShareWord Global Evangelism Certificate courses, “Everyday Evangelism That’s Intentional and Relational.” This material seeks to encourage you to make outreach and evangelism part of your daily routine. This course is offered to you as a personal opportunity to grow. The lessons can be used as personal study, devotionals, or for small groups.

This overview course complements our ShareWord Global Evangelism Certificate workshops. We know it can be easy to leave a workshop or training with a lot of good ideas, but ongoing training leads us to take action in our personal life.

Think of these studies as an adventure. May it change your thinking and daily actions in such a way that you not only become aware of people who are in need of a relationship with Christ, but you engage with people in a deliberate and active way. In essence, evangelism is the process of loving one another because Christ first loved us.

About ShareWord Global

At ShareWord Global, we ignite and fuel a passion in people’s hearts to share the Gospel — training and equipping them, as a community of believers, to effectively introduce people to Jesus through God’s Word.

We’ve been in ministry since 1911, starting in Canada and spreading out across the globe. The Scriptures we offer are designed to engage the reader in a way that resonates with them in their world and in their heart language. Whether it’s a Gospel of John, Scripture magazine, New Testament, full Bible, audio Bible or digital Bible, every copy points people to Jesus Christ and His free gift of salvation.

Course Summary

This is the third and final course of three courses that can be taken as part of our ShareWord Global Evangelism Certificate. The courses can be taken in any order, though we recommend the order they are presented in.

This Certificate is designed to prepare you to share your faith boldly, without fear, in any situation, publicly and privately. Being intentional and relational in reaching the lost is the focal point. Moving from theory to practical engagement is key to sharing your faith. It is about making evangelism part of your DNA and part of your everyday routine.

This course builds on the foundation of the first two courses with the understanding of evangelism and how Christ interacted with people. This final piece of the certificate equips you with practical tools, insights, and approaches to actually sharing the good news in your daily routines. The goal of this course is to make evangelism practical and encourage you to intentionally engage with those God puts in your path.

Certificate Objectives

  1. Cognitive (Thinking) – What you should know and understand
    1. Know the Scriptural basis for why we share the Gospel
    2. Know how Scripture defines discipleship, evangelism, and outreach
    3. Know the elements needed in introducing Christ to others
    4. Know where to go to help others answer the big faith questions
  2. Conative (Doing) – What you should do with what you learn
    1. Be able to identify people in our daily routine to share Christ with.
    2. List 5-10 people to connect with
    3. Be able to share one’s faith story with another person
    4. Be able to introduce Christ to others
    5. Be able to use the NewLife app for sharing the Gospel
  3. Affective (Feeling) – What you should feel and appreciate
    1. Feel a sense of urgency to reach the lost and reach out to those who are in need of Christ
    2. Desire to grow spiritually and in our personal relationship with Christ
    3. Feel comfortable sharing our faith to others
    4. Feel confident in engaging in a spiritual conversation without fear

Certificate Course Lessons Summarized

Course 1 Everyday Evangelism That’s Intentional and Relational
Lesson 1 Why Share the Gospel?
Lesson 2 Authentic Evangelism
Lesson 3 Being Intentional & Relational
Lesson 4 Overcoming Fear – Breaking the Barriers
Course 2 Insights on How Jesus Shared the Good News
Lesson 5 Jesus on the Grid
Lesson 6 Jesus and His Claims – A Glimpse of God’s Character
Lesson 7 Jesus Encounters the Unlikely
Lesson 8 Jesus and His Relationships
Lesson 9 Miracles on the Grid
Course 3 Practical Tools for Sharing Your Faith
Lesson 10 How to Share the Gospel
Lesson 11 Telling the Good News
Lesson 12 Introducing Jesus to Others
Lesson 13 Sharing Your Faith Story
Lesson 14 Engaging in Spiritual Conversations
Lesson 15 Conclusion – Putting It All Together