My Music Theory Course 1

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Level: Beginner
You do not need any experience to take this course… in fact, it is for complete beginners!  That doesn’t mean is just “too easy”.  Memorizing the right patterns will help you unlock the music theory world and give you the edge you need to really understand how all music works.

Major Focus of This Course: 
To help you understand the key elements of music theory so that you can apply your new knowledge to any instrument you are learning.

This is an interactive white board class that will help you really understand music theory from the ground up.  It includes a memory point worksheet to help you along the way.

About the Instructor:

Eric Michael Roberts is a Christian guitarist, author, and worship leader.  He started as a teenager, and continues to write and publishing books and online courses to help individuals and worship teams grow and thrive as musicians.  The WTK Play and Sing series songbooks are perfect for leading worship in small groups or around the camp fire.  They make it easy for beginners to play many songs with easy chords and patterns.  Eric’s WTK YouTube channel has reached over 2 million views and has 11,000+ subscribers who follow his daily worship lessons.  Eric’s foundational courses for worship bands help churches train new musicians from assist in laying the foundations for skillful worship. Learn more at