Finding the Way … Living the Life: An Introduction to Discipleship, Course 1

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Jeremy White is the program director of Narrow Gate Exchange (NGE), a ministry that exists to glorify God by equipping His disciples to build sustainable kingdom businesses that strengthen and transform their communities. Jeremy’s primary role is to organize, structure, and facilitate the vision and curriculum of NGE and to create partnerships with local churches. He is also a noted Bible teacher and scholar who holds a Masters of Divinity from Lipscomb University, Nashville, Tennessee, and a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies & Leadership from the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom. 

With nearly eight hours of video training and 25 lessons divided over two courses, each coupled with extensive charts, images, notes, and other resources, Finding the Way … Living the Life: An Introduction to Discipleship is a comprehensive study of what it means to follow, become like, and daily serve Jesus Christ.

Course 1

Gives an overview and process of the course.

Lesson 1: Identity & Purpose in Discipleship
Looks at the purpose of discipleship and how everything connects to what you believe to be true about yourself.

Lesson 2: The Bible in Pictures: How to Read the Bible
Discusses how the Bible is written in Eastern eyes and how a Westerner needs to see and read the Bible.

Lesson 3: The Reason for Discipleship
Explains how discipleship’s purpose is to die to self and make an all-in commitment.

Lesson 4: The Bible in Context
Shows how the context of the Bible is integral to true discipleship and disciple-making.

Lesson 5: Faith in Discipleship: The Need for Chutzpah
Discusses how faith plays into discipleship and what true faith looks like in the Bible.

Lesson 6: Finding the Sweetness of God
Discusses the biblical picture of honey and how it is found in the rocks of life. Explains that hard times are a training ground and where we truly find God.

Lesson 7: The Path of the Disciple
Shows how 1st Century Jews went to school and became disciples. Gives the background and model for us as disciples.

Lesson 8: Being a Disciple of Jesus
Explains how Jesus chose his disciples and how his methods are a model for us today.

Lesson 9: Being a Modern Day Disciple
Provides a three-legged platform of how discipleship works today: Being Authentic, Being Set Apart, and Being Missional.

Lesson 10: Being Authentic in the World
Discusses the first leg of modern discipleship and how authenticity is needed and valued in today’s world.

Lesson 11: Being Set Apart: To Invite Relationship
Discusses the second leg of modern discipleship and the importance of being set apart.

Lesson 12: Being Missional: Reaching into Community
Discusses the third leg of modern discipleship and explains what being missional truly means.

Lesson 13: The Theology of Work: Business as Mission
Shows how God’s plan for us as disciples is to share Christ in the workplace.