Experiential Worship

How do you experience God in worship? Willfully? Emotionally? Intellectually? Physically? If your worship service doesn’t involve all of the above, infuse it with a truer form of worship. In this course, based on Bob Rognlien’s book Experiential Worship, the student will explore how Jesus’ Great Commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength” (Mark 12:30), can center our experience of Him. From Christ, we learn that biblical worship involves our volition (heart), emotion (soul), intellect (mind), and body (strength). Experiential Worship engages myriad aspects of the human experience to draw people into a more complete, life-transforming encounter with God and create a place where worshipers come face-to-face with the Father. Provocative and practical, this course will equip those of diverse backgrounds and churches of all sizes to build life-changing services that will transform lives for years to come.

BOB ROGNLIEN is first and foremost a wholehearted worshiper of Jesus Christ. A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, he is the senior pastor of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. Bob, his wife, Pam, and their two sons live in Torrance, California.

How to Return Discipleship to the Front Lines of Faith

Based on the book GO by New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and teacher Preston Sprinkle, this course explains that much of contemporary discipleship is informed by instinct, and as such it is vulnerable to the whims and trends of the broader culture, which can take us further away from a biblical model and mandate. Drawing on a 2015 Barna Group study of the state of discipleship in the United States that was commissioned by The Navigators, this course provides a holistic, biblical response for discipleship, providing accessible tools for all those who are engaged in making Christ-followers in the 21st century.

Preston Sprinkle is a professor, speaker, and a New York Times bestselling author. He earned a Ph.D. in New Testament from Aberdeen University in Scotland (2007), and he’s been a professor of theology at Cedarville University (OH), Nottingham University (England), and Eternity Bible College (CA and ID).

Course Moderated by Matt Price