Worship the King Music

You can transform your Sunday morning worries into God-honoring, congregation-encouraging, stress-free worship time!

It’s Sunday morning. You’re standing in the front row, trying to lead by example. You’re trying to worship, but what is that buzzing noise? You wonder if anyone will be watching the live stream this week, or if it will even get sent out. The drummer is too loud again, and the bass player seems to be making up his part as he goes along. You close your eyes and pray, “God, please just help them remember to turn my mic on before I start talking.”

WTK courses will help you build the skill you need to become a confident musician and help you build a strong worship ministry in your church. 

For church teams:  Worship Band Builder all access team membership will help you recruit and train worship team members in your church.  Click here to learn more!

Dynamic Worship Leader Team Eric And Emily Roberts Walk You Through Every Step.

After a radical conversion to Christ as a teenager, Eric began learning to lead worship in his local youth group.  After earning a Bachelor of Music Education, he continued serving for many years as a staff worship pastor. 

Together, Eric and Emily have led worship, trained teams, published books, and taught seminars to help the local church build strong worship ministries.  With over 800 video tutorials and over 14,000 YouTube subscribers, they have spent 2 decades teaching people to learn fast, play well, and worship always.



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