Shareword Global Digital Outreach, Certificate Course 2

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This is one of three courses that can be taken as part of our ShareWord Global DigitalOutreach: New Approaches for New Times certificate. The courses can be taken in any order, though we recommend the order they are presented in. 

This certificate will explore a new approach to evangelism, seeking to make an impact using social media. This digital evangelism course looks at the new realities of our times and identifies new approaches and new possibilities to do outreach personally and as the church.

Course 1: “New Times & New Realities” explores the digital world we live in and how social media can be used as an outreach tool. It develops a theology of digital outreach, builds an understanding of our mission as believers, provides an introduction to the world of social media and explores digital terminology.

Course 2: “New Approaches” helps us understand the faith journey we are all on and will identify the key stages of that journey. It identifies a philosophy of evangelism, examines the aspects of a spiritual conversation, reviews different social media platforms, and explores digital dangers.

Course 3: “New Possibilities” helps us discover online tools we can use, explains how to gain more followers, discusses how to engage in an online Bible study, and makes it practical by setting out a challenge for us and the church to intentionally reach out using social media.